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Meet The Team

We’re passionate about what we’re trying to achieve, but we'd like to think that we don’t take ourselves too seriously either. Introducing some of the people who make L'atelier happen ...


Keith Hearnshaw

Sales/Marketing Director

A founding Director of L’atelier, Keith heads up our Sales & Marketing operations and handles all client-facing work. With 21 years of sales experience his approachability, positive attitude & excellent communication skills are second to none. We attribute our high repeat business & referral rates to Keith’s dedicated approach & after sales care. 

Get in touch with Keith at keith.hearnshaw@l-atelier.co.uk

About Keith:

Loves: Football, cake & singing - not necessarily at the same time !
Hates:  Low fat coleslaw, sprelling mistakes/bad grammar & computer software that doesn’t work.
Laughs:  At rude words, the Monty Python team, Michael McIntyre, Lead Balloon, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Eddie Izzard – particularly the “Death Star Canteen” sketch!
Wants: My own windmill – a big one - as well as a water wheel.
Likes:  www.sportinglife.com
At the weekend you will find me: At the allotment digging.
Hidden Talent:  Singer & Poet.


Richard Nussey

Technical Director

Got a question about...well, anything? Richard’s your man. Unless it’s football, then Keith’s the one to ask. Another of the founding Directors, Richard manages L'atelier's Technical Team. A wise old owl with 30 years experience in the engineering industry, Richard’s wealth of experience makes him indispensible. He can tell you anything about any building he’s ever visited, but always forgets to take the tea bags out of the tea. Has a habit of breaking spoons when he’s stressed.

 Get in touch with Richard at richard.nussey@l-atelier.co.uk

About Richard:

Loves: Trees, wood, furniture, chisels, planes, shavings.......
Hates: non-repairable electrical goods
Laughs: at Monty Python (still)
Wants: a cup of tea
Likes: www.steamdreams.com
At the weekend you will find me: in the workshop, knee deep in shavings
Hidden Talent: Can do headstands on office furniture.


Zoë Bellew

Office Manager

Zoë is the administrative cog that keeps us all running smoothly. She organises the team diaries, handles all admin & finance matters, keeps the website up to date and studies accountancy part time. Chances are if you call us up you’ll be speaking to Zoë...be nice.

Get in touch with Zoë at zoe.bellew@l-atelier.co.uk

About Zoë:

Loves: Dancing, my shiny new Mini Cooper!
Hates: Cucumber, Times New Roman.
At daft comedy (Green Wing, Black Books)
Wants: Manchester to be closer to Surrey.
At the weekend you will find me: In my dance studio (the garage!) or in Manchester.
Hidden Talent: Can do the splits


Matthew Nussey

Modelling Team

A mean modeller, Matt has taken to the new 3D modelling software like the proverbial fish to water. He’s inherited his father’s attention to detail and is extremely precise yet astonishingly speedy.

Get in touch with Matt at matthew.nussey@l-atelier.co.uk

 About Matt:

Loves: Superchargers and fast cars that make loud noises.
Hates: When the cat claws his bare ankles in the morning.
Laughs: All the time
Wants: Another car with bright orange wheels
Likes: www.polog40.co.uk
At the weekend you will find me: Painting by the river... Maybe?!
Hidden talent: Playing Bass


Paul Christou

Company Secretary

L'atelier's "Legal Eagle", Paul is usually to be found elbow deep in Terms and Conditions, Company Contracts and all those other documents no one else understands! A budding entrepreneur, Paul is our top ideas man and is always on the look out for exciting new schemes.

Get in touch with Paul at paul.christou@l-atelier.co.uk


Arpan Patel

IT Guru

Arpan is responsible for maintaining all of our IT and Communications equipment and fixing those occasional bugs.

About Arpan:

Loves: Music, Bars, Socialising
Hates: Being patronised!
Laughs: All the time!
Wants: A holiday soon!
Likes: www.youtube.com
At the weekend you will find me: At the riverside by Big Ben with a bottle of Courvoisier
Hidden talent: A talent for throwing awesome parties!


Patrick Bellew


A founding director of Atelier Ten & L’atelier, Patrick is a Chartered Building Services Engineer with more than twenty years’ experience in the design of high performance buildings and their systems. In 2008, Patrick delivered the 6th Happold Medal Lecture, titled “Engineering Sustainable Architecture”, after which he was presented with the prestigious award.

About Patrick:

Loves: Singing in public
Hates: Commuting
Laughs: As often as possible
Thinks: All bars should be karaoke bars.
Wants: To spend more time on boats with the family.
Likes: www.iwantoneofthose.com
At the weekend you will find me: Rehearsing with the band
Hidden talent: Super guitarist


Other Key Staff:

Pamela Lewis- Finance Director

Ajay Shah- Modelling Team

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Case Studies

  • The White House

    The White House

    L’atelier were instructed by West Faulkner Associates to provide an Energy Performance Certificate for 259m² office building in Surrey, & were subsequently requested to recommend measures to improve the rating for the building... More

  • Easter Park

    L’atelier were instructed to provide on-construction EPCs for a complex of industrial buildings in Berkshire totalling 145,000 square feet... More

  • Empress State Building

    L’atelier were instructed by our client to produce Energy Performance Certificates for the 57,000 square metres of office space, as well as two ancillary buildings on site.More

  • The Green

    L’atelier were instructed by Easter Group to provide on-construction Energy Performance Certificates for a 46,000 sq ft office village in West Berkshire.More

  • Greystoke Manor

    L’atelier were instructed to produce an Energy Performance Certificate for a residential care home of approx. 600 m², situated in West Sussex...More

  • 11 The Quadrangle

    L’atelier were instructed to produce an Energy Performance Certificate for a Warehouse/Office combination building of approx. 2200m2, of which 1800m2 is warehouse space...More

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