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Energy Management

L'atelier offer Specialist Energy & Environmental Consultancy services. We can augment a standard assessment to meet a client’s particular requirements. For example, a tailored recommendation report can be developed to show the carbon saving associated with each projected improvement to a building. A full range of environmental consulting services are available to meet the client’s own sustainability targets and can be developed for a single building or for a complete portfolio. Very often, the Scheme will be the product of the client’s Corporate and Social Responsibility policy and will demand targets for reducing Carbon Emissions using standard assessment techniques supported by specialist consultancy.

L’atelier can offer a range of additional services to help clients improve the energy performance of their buildings. This can start with a Supplementary Report in which more specific details are provided to the client to initiate an analysis of key improvements to the building.

For example, the replacement of an old heating boiler can often top a list of proposed changes. A simple re-run of the EPC can show how the EPC Asset Rating would be improved if the boiler was replaced with a new one – we refer to this as a ‘what-if’ analysis.

This simple analysis can then be taken further to calculate a number of benefits, expressed in terms of pounds spent versus:-

  • Energy saved per year, per pound spent on the new boiler
  • Pounds saved on fuel bills per year, per pound spent on the new boiler
  • Kilograms of CO2 saved per year, per pound spent on the new boiler

Our clients find this specialised consultancy very informative and useful in making decisions regarding building improvements. If this sounds like something you'd be interested to hear more about, call our offices on 020 33 880 880.


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